Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yes, I can :) Things aren't really that bottom-of-the-pit-bad here, although I can see why it might look that way. My last two posts should really be taken with a pinch of salt & a wink.

I'm quite stressed with the house-moving-business - in my head, since we're not actually going anywhere for another two months - and find myself sort of at a loss. Sort of lost. Not gone yet but not quite here nor there either. Something like that. And apparently that leaves me with the mental flexibility of seaweed. About pretty much everything. I can't really see the light and the happy. Not all the time, anyway. But I still have my sense of humour, such as it is, and I can still smile!

Sorry Annemarie, out of cookies - you got the last bag ;) But I did make sense of your word-mush, and this works too, right?


  1. Kei-gaaf ! :-) Ben helemaal gevleid, een heuse echte hele post nav mijn opmerking ... I smile :-) Succes ermee; en fijn dat t allemaal relatief is!


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