Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have joined The Art of Silliness 2 - an online class by Carla Sonheim! A combination of artsy inspiration and... well... silliness! And since I have been taking myself and everything around me way too seriously lately, I'd say that's a good thing ;)
The class doesn't start until Wednesday the 15th of September & you can join until the 15th of October since you can do the worksheets at your own pace. Click the above link or the badge to the right - have a look! I think it will be fun!

Carla sent out a test mail last Wednesday to see if all the links work properly, and there was a test worksheet, to get started! A drawing of a bird and the task to write it a story. I love taking orders, so to speak - especially when my own inspiration is running low - & it was definitely fun to come up with something completely different ;) Meet my bird, BillyBob, and his first wobbly steps onto the glittering stage of showbiz!


  1. I love BillyBob! :)

  2. Wish I could take credit for him, but he's Carla's invention... all I did was colour him blue, give him a name and a career in the spotlights :)
    Did you join the class or decide against it?

  3. I did join up.. just today. Yipee!

  4. Cool :) I am so looking forward to (& in NEED of!) inspirational nudges :)


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