Sunday, September 5, 2010


Edit: That little spade is 'mine' because I'm well aware I'm the one who's throwing spanners in my own 'je ne sais quoi' here. That's how I cope - ha ;) I'm really good at rewriting world history & my own when I'm under pressure. And at seeing imaginary bears in the road and in surrounding suburban gardens. I excell at battering my sanity when I stress! But I know the colours are still there - if only I'd look up, and I feel well-armed with that knowledge. I'll be okay :)


  1. An artist - that's what you are! Om je gevoelens zo om te zetten .. gaaf getekend, heel gaaf geschreven, en de details, hartjes aan de slinger (er is nog hoop / geloof, hoop en liefde), de lieve bloemetjes, labeltje aan de schep, handen om de knieeen ... Kop op meid!

  2. I get what you mean perfectly and I love the drawing.

  3. Dank je wel Annemarie, means a lot! & het komt wel goed :)
    Thank you Mridula :)


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