Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Still doing silly stuff. Like drawing a (very small) herd of elephants in one line. That's one line, pen not leaving paper, for four elephants! That is, elephants from memory, without reference. Drawing elephants is fun, quite unexpectedly :)

I'm well aware this course is not inspiring my best artwork, but it's plucking me from my comfort zone, at times sorely so! I'm trying to stick with each assignment that's making me feel funny (in the 'odd' sense of the word) - until it doesn't anymore. And it's hard, but good! Very good indeed!

Everyone needs to have silly fun at times. I sincerely believe that!


  1. Funny elephants :)
    Ik heb nu ook zin om silly stuff te tekenen!

  2. Had to come take a sneek peek at your blog! What a lovely person you are... not just a brilliant artist!

  3. Very good drawing indeed! :)

  4. thank you :)
    I'm not loving these elephants myself, much, actually - but it's the process and the fun that matter to me here :)
    I'm still & for ever trying to shut up the inner critic, also ;)


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