Friday, January 25, 2013

IF - Myth

I've linked to Illustration Friday for the first time ever :D

I wish I could say I'm going to be doing this every week, or even regularly. As far as this week's topic of myth goes, having time to do everything I'd love to do - that's a total myth, too. I've been trying to climb the walls of constraint, but heck, they're slippery! I know I'm going to have to accept that bit of truth, right there, but I'm not ready. Not quite. In fact, these days, the limits time puts on what I can do is my biggest frustration! It's like living at home with parents again - kicking against a regime that won't budge! Darn ;)

There's a blog post in that, but not today. Time has put a spoke in that wheel & all. But it's okay - I'm here, and that's what counts! Besides, things have been a little on the heavy, soul-deep side here. And while there is nothing wrong with that, because I'm embracing the way I think about things, and this is the perfect space for hugging my warts in public - perhaps it's good to break it up with something light & fun ;) A reminder that whatever else I write about here, my life really is good, and I do have a fully grown funny bone! My kid is hilarious, and he so takes after me ;)

I bought this pair of heels spur of the moment. Cheered on by my four-year-old - he loves heels, and that's not because he regularly sees me in any ;) I'm 1m80cm tall. That's always been my excuse not to buy heels. I'm not sure why - but I guess that's what comes with being almost forty and finally finding comfort in this skin. Why not? I asked myself last Wednesday, in the face of hot sales prices (they were a bargain!) and a dancing kid.

It didn't take me long to figure out 'why not'. Haha, it will take me weeks of indoor practise before I'll be able to merely take them around the block. On my feet, that is ;) Talk about outside my comfort zone! But in a way, it's perfect. It's called for. And I will practise :D

I did this drawing for Koosje's ecourse Just Draw It! I'm having so much FUN!! I'm being dragged out of another comfort zone - pen and watercolours - to get into the basics of drawing, and it's awesome! I taught myself everything I know about drawing, so far. And by teaching I mean a process of trial and error on repeat. Which is great, of course. But it's really informative to be taught the basics. To go back to where I've never really been and see both what I already do know - just from getting my hands dirty for about three years now - and what could use (serious) practise. And I am practising - all the pockets of time I can find! Up to my wrists in graphite this week, and loving even the eraser rubbings - which is a stretch ;) Koosje is a lovely, patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, inspired and inspiring teacher. I'll share the next course dates on this blog, because I really think you'd love taking it. I'm just sorry we're not in class together now :)

One day, my son will bring home a girlfriend in heels. That's a given. All I can promise him until then, is that I'll work my butt off to be able to walk him to school in these one day. While I'm the woman in his life. And before he's too old to care ;)

What's taking you out of your comfort zone these days - and are you leaning in? :)


  1. Bravo! Click those heels and they will take you wherever you wish to go. They are magic shoes, alright. Magical, mythical shoes! I love what you wrote about them too and about drawing and getting time to get into it. It takes practice, like breaking in new shoes, but once you find the right ones, the ones that fit, they become old faithfuls and they feel so good. Amazing drawing!

  2. Yes, Bravo indeed!!
    it all comes down to practise. Even walking in these shoes... If you practise enough you'll walk right out of your comfort zone (that has become bigger already, have you noticed?) ON HIGH HEELS. With your son cheering and clapping right behind you, and I am joining him!
    About this time issue. I SO know what you mean! Well at least we don't have time to get bored, ha!

  3. Awesome post, you made me laugh out loud and I am very happy to read about all the fun your are having with Koosjes e-course! xoxo

  4. Wonderful post! Wonderful drawing! How good and FUN is Koosje's graphite tutorials? I'm right with you in terms of being self-taught and not actually knowing there's all this stuff I could know, especially the basics and some awesome techniques. Koosje's course really is great! And I love the high heel story. I'm with you on that too. I have two pairs which I only break out at weddings (when it feels 'mandatory' to wear them!). This pair looks really cool and fun! Good on you for linking to IL...I haven't managed that one yet...YET!

  5. Great post Yvonne! The shoes are beautiful and beautifully drawn (drawed? english...)!

  6. Great post and AWESOME sketch! :)

  7. What a beautiful drawing!! And sometimes the right pair of new shoes feel like we are actually walking a new, braver path...sending you lots of love and cheers from over here! XO

  8. Lovely shoes and sketch! How fun that your boy enjoys seeing you in those heels. I don't wear heels much because at 5'9" tall I don't need them and I prefer comfort to fashion. But I do enjoy putting them on occasionally to adjust my view of myself, from casual to queenly :)


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