Saturday, September 10, 2011


I started this bit of art-ish-tics just to see how I could draw our carpet (using watercolour and coloured pencil, as it turns out). Then I got sucked into drawing the hoover - pun unintentional, but on point ;) And this is where it ended, quite unplanned.

This is not how we coexist in this house! Willing or not, you probably gleaned I'm not always one for letting things go easily (although I'm fervently working on that - really!), or to let sleeping dogs get their much deserved sleep ;)

But we did celebrate 11 years of marriage, last Thursday! At times, dust bunnies take over the house - small & bigger arguments left unresolved overnight, petty grievances unaired, random crap rehashed and chewed again, you know the sort of thing ;) It sure as hell isn't always easy, but then, no one said it would be! But we're still here. And as far as I'm concerned, we're sticking it out!

Happy anniversary, honey :)


  1. Hunting dust bunnies. A national past time. And even though the carpet isn't a fruit-fly ecosystem the Hover also functions as standard fruit-fly AA-defenses. For all of you who do not know what fruit-flies are: the represent those pesky remarks by any other person who tend to accidentally intrude the dust-bunny sanctuary.

    ps. great post love :)

  2. Nothing truly worthwhile is ever easy! If it were, everybody would have it. Congrats on your 11th anniversary! And here's to many more!
    PS Great sketch!

  3. Congratulations, Yvonne, for those 11 years!
    Love the sketch and the text. And the texture of your red carpet looks great.
    I have no hoover but a groom, which sweeps as well the daily crap, to my luck!

    P.S.- Thanks for your nice comments to my post :) I'm truly glad that you enjoyed it!

  4. Zozo, 11 jaar !! Gefeliciteerd :-) Wist niet dat t stofkonijnen waren in t Engels. In t Frans zijn t schapen. Groet en fijne dag!


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