Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am not a huge rugby fan. & rugby, she's not hot, really, here in the Low Countries. But husband is South African, so I get... contaminated, every now & then ;)

Just this morning, apropos of nothing much, I got this image in my head: a dog lives in the center of the Universe. And it barks and bites. Not a comfortable image to start the day with. For all sorts of reasons, better left undisturbed ;) But then I saw this:

I love watching the All Blacks perform the Haka!! I can't even begin to explain how this sets fire to my insides, so I won't ;) But I've decided to play this for myself, first thing in the morning, for as long as the dog refuses to wag its tail & do a happy dance!


  1. A war cry is an essential part of everyday life. without it you tend to be seen as a silent killer .... Better to give your opponent a running start than to be compared to Dammer.

  2. That last comment is so accurate! I had the great privilege of seeing a group of Maoris performing the Haka in New Zealand a couple of years ago and it was unforgettable. It brought home to me the art of appearing impressive and indomnitable through words and actions. And that whilst the performers of those actions are probably quaking inside at the side of the 'enemy'. Great post, Yvonne! Cheeers, Anne.

  3. Indeed, 'the art of appearing impressive and indomnitable through words and actions'! Beautifully put! That's exactly right - a war cry to start the day and send the dustbunnies skittering, while quaking in my boots trying to muster up courage to face them ;) I would LOVE to see the Haka live!!


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