Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Brussels sprouts, to be exact. In honour of the fact that, allegedly, according to my mother, I'm the only grown-up (also, allegedly!) who's never overcome her - let's say aversion to these abominations.

Of course, fate dealt me a kid who loves them. By exception (click!), he got lucky! I needed a couple to draw (note to self: it's hard to try and mix the same colours a day later!), he got to get rid of the evidence :)

I stayed at my parents' house for a couple of days last week. A little too long. Something about childhood indignations and their apparently endless shelf life seems to bring me Brussels sprouts. Go figure!


  1. Despite your aversion to these, they look super cute! I only recently realized that it's called "Brussels" sprouts, with the "s" at the end LOL. I have a friend who used to hate them too, until someone taught her how to broil it with sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil :)

  2. I still remember the struggle my mother and I had over brussel sprouts at dinner one night (and how they made me gag!) LOL And now I LOVE them. Go figure. Great painting, they're a difficult subject.

  3. So she was right! I AM the only one who still doesn't like them! ;)

  4. Oh no, you are not the only one! I STILL detest them. Too bad since they are so good for you. I remember as a kid, I would pass them to the dog under the table...and she would lay them in a little pile that I'd have to clean up later...even the dog did not like them!

    You made them look good in your sketch though. Too bad you can't make them taste good too!

  5. No, no, I do not like them either!! I was lucky at that point, my dad couldn't either stand them, so my mum never prepared them at home when I was a child.
    Love your drawing. As pedalpower writes, what a pity that you can't make them taste good.


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