Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I know I'm being dramatic here... But it feels traumatic, this whole playschool-thing. To me, anyway. To me, much more than to the kid involved. He goes, does his thing, and sort of whines when I come to pick him up. Funny. But not haha, necessarily. Not yet, anyway :)


  1. Your sentiments are so familiar, Yvonne. We (or at least many, many Mamma's) have lots of trouble with the distance thing. When our babies start to move on and make contacts outside of the home and even appear to like it all, even prefer other environments to the safe haven we have created for them. So of course it IS traumatic for you. Just remember, if you give your little one wings, he will always fly back to you....... Good luck, keep drawing your great pictures! Cheers, Anne

  2. Yvonne, I think I'm anticipating feeling the exact same way here in a few months when my oldest turns 3 and goes to playschool...I'm when she feels independent and makes friends, but I hate that feeling that she doesn't need me! Your drawings/journal pages are beautiful!


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