Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yup. Been at it again! Yesterday morning, I spent an hour at the end of the street, sketching this:

They were working on the road, so there was sand. Squirt entertained himself and didn't ask once if we could go home! I've got an awesome kid, you know?! :)

It's hard to shut up my inner critic when it comes to loving what I come home with when drawing outside (I love the clouds, though!). For now. I have discovered that my usual style of drawing needs a table and a chair. And a lot of time for detail. It's good to know these things. It means I need to work on a new style, more suited for quicker sketches in uncomfortable positions. Which means I need to practice and do this as often as I can. I should, and I will :) All I'm asking for is slightly warmer temps... But to be on the safe side, I bought all three of us (very cheap & flammable) blankets to keep us warm on outings until Spring really comes to play. See, I'm totally taking this seriously :)

Jodi (of Art by Wiley, a lovely daily blog you should really check out!) mentioned this drawing challenge the other day.  Here's Jen's list:

1. Draw what’s on your desk in front of you.
2. Draw your pet (or someone else’s if you don’t have one).
3. Draw the contents of your refrigerator.
4. Draw the dream you had last night (or the last one you can remember).
5. Draw a picture inspired by your favourite song (or just pick a line from a song).
6. Draw your letterbox (if you’re letterbox is particularly uninteresting, or if you don’t have one, look here for inspiration).
7. Draw your morning cup of coffee.
8. Draw your favourite outfit (get some inspiration here)
9. Draw an iconic building in the town where you live (or the town where you were born, perhaps?).
10. Draw your favourite drawing tools and pay homage them. Because let’s face, they are awesome and we’d be lost without them.

And wouldn't you know, the building above - thought maybe not exactly iconic - fits the list! It's number 9, because I've decided it is ;) That means I'm in, I think :) Seeing that I've spent more time online than with my sketchbook lately, I figure I could do with a bit of a challenge. Get me off the couch! I won't be doing all of these outside. That's another challenge. And I'm on that - as you can see! But anything that helps me put the pigments to the page is good for me right now! I'm not sure I'll finish these in a week, like Jen suggests, or even that I get to all of them. But that's okay with me. Like I said - anything that helps... helps, you know? :)

Want to join, too? Or are you facing another challenge right now? I'd love to hear what you're up to!


  1. Cool ! Hard all those lines, to get them parallel, etc, no? Been there ;-) But well done!
    You know what I'm at:
    Bye !

  2. Yay! Good for you! and well done to Squirt for keeping himself entertained. What a good little man he is.
    I can't believe you did this outside - I think it's really detailed! and your right - the clouds are excellent! The weather can be a real challenge can't it? I know as I do alot of my face painting outside - thank goodness for thermal underwear! I recommend it!Lol. Anyway, with the challenges of the weather you are participating in a whole new sport - this isn't extreme surfing, or climbing this is "extreme painting"!!x

  3. Your drawing is amazing! And good on you for braving the weather too. Yay for Squirt, what a star...will try the same with my little Miss but not sure I'll get the same result. Now, where to go? I don't have anything nearly as picturesque at the end of my street! Will have a think...oh, and thanks for the mention :)

  4. Hi Yvonne! Love the drawing - it totally works for number 9!! And thanks for sharing my little drawing challenge too - it started out being just for me but I'm so glad some people are joining in. Hope to see more down down the track...

  5. Your drawing is gorgeous! I love the detail in your style. You must be quite patient? And you are getting out there, that is so cool! That challenge is great, I also joined in. Yay!

  6. Awesome sketch! Love the windows!

  7. You are a talented Miss Thang!! Oh how you make me wish I could draw. The bicycle, the building - they have a spirit to them, Yvonne! xo


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