Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here's number 10* in Red Parka Diaries' drawing challengedraw your favourite drawing tools and pay homage to them. Because let’s face, they are awesome and we’d be lost without them.

From right to left - because I can ;) - my Japanese brush pen, through JetPens, along with carbon ink cartridges that are permanent and waterproof (I used it to draw the bike in Amsterdam)! I love that pen! Especially because it's cherry red and because it takes courage to put it to the page, so it keeps me on my toes :) Next to it, one of my Big Girl brushes, and one of my Koi waterbrushes (that I - let's be honest here - use a lot more often than my Big Girl brushes these days...). Dr. Ph. Martin's India Ink - I use black the most, but I have a gorgeous colour wheel of them and they are all waterproof! My go-to dip pen with sketch nib. And of course, my watercolour set - a Van Gogh box filled with Winsor & Newton. Mostly artist grade, but there is some cotman left - I'm slowly replacing empty pans :)

At the bottom of the page, my less adventurous but definitely trusty tools. The ones I grab most often really. The tools that take the least amount of courage to pick up - and let's face it, not every day is a day of Great Courage or experimentation. There's my orange mechanical pencil, filled with B leds, my eraser (or what's left of it), and one of my Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners :)

I suppose this is what my drawing could have looked like if I'd kept it simple. Because these are the tools I use most often, and without these, I'd be lost. But I love all the stuff I use. And most of all, I love that it's there to use! That I can grab whatever my mood guides me to and draw! That all of these things are always out on the dining room table - my dudio - making me happy and excited even when I'm not drawing, but merely walking past, or dusting around them! 

I loved drawing my art supplies :) I love looking at art supplies! But of course, most of all, it's about using my art supplies. That's the best homage you can pay them! But it was fun putting them in the spotlight like this, and I think they appreciate it too.

In case you're wondering, I'm still working on my morning coffee. In the first version, I misspelled twice, and in the second version I used colours that are - not quite it, to be very mild & gentle ;) Version three is in the works. It might be up next. But you never know what happens when these tools and my mind start on a trip all their own ;)

* you can have a look at this challenge's number 2, number 9number 1 if you want :)


  1. Another wonderful painting! I'm really enjoying your series!

  2. Cool. Very detailed. I'm not very detailed ... Funny thing is that many of items in this top10 come back in my Rural Sketches thing :-)

  3. Your really did a wonderful painting/drawing of your art supplies! I loved to look at your art supplies and it is inspiring me :)

  4. You've got your mind set on drawing and painting, and you're doing well, girl! I love seeing what you use on courageaous days and less courageaous days. Glad you had the courage to make what you made! It's wonderful and it makes me want to create something!!

  5. Wow, fantastic job, Yvonne. These drawings are amazing. You've also given me some ideas of some things to try. I actually already bought a (relatively cheap) waterbrush on the weekend to experiment with to see if it's my thing but I am very interested in your Japanese brush pen! You did a great job here of on only drawing your supplies beautifully but capturing the joy of using them :)

  6. Great, Yvonne! I love the way you put the shadows.


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