Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here's number 2 in Red Parka Diaries' drawing challenge. I drew my pet :D

Okay. I'm stretching it here. This is Shrek's cousin Chilz. He stopped by to pose with some freshly picked dandelions from our backyard (incidentally the only flower blooming there at the moment...), because I wanted to draw him for a birthday card for the neighbour across the street. I wanted Shrek, of course, but he couldn't make it on such short notice. Besides, his fees are ridiculous! And I say, an Ogre is an Ogre, really. When it comes down to it. Not that the neighbour is an Ogre of course. He just likes Shrek. And Chilz, I hope ;)*

Of course, I'm not keeping an Ogre for a pet. I don't think you're actually allowed. Not that rules are always stopping people, but I draw the line at Ogres. For myself, anyway.

Truth is, we don't have a pet. Just a kid. And he's at least as cute and entertaining! I know I could have drawn someone else's pet, but everyone else has a cat. And at the risk of offending - I hate cats. I don't want to stare one in the eye long enough to draw it. They creep me out... So I'm submitting Chilz. As a pet. He said I could ;)

Here's what I did for number 9. And I'm working on number 1 today :)

* I am utterly AMAZED at people (like Koosje!) who are able to draw a character and stick with it, reproducing it in many different poses and surroundings. I can't do it! I can only draw what I see, and if Chilz is evidence, not even that entirely true to the examples in front of me! Obviously, this was meant to be Shrek. But I just couldn't get it right! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with Chilz, but it just isn't Shrek... Chilz says - nor does he want to be, thanks very much! Shrek is way too busy Being Famous, if you know what I mean. But that's besides the point ;)


  1. Haha, well I'm happy Chilz could make it!
    And thank you so much for your kind words... I'm blushing :)

  2. Ah, your story had me in stitches Yvonne. I love Chilz - much better looking than Shrek! Your neighbours going to love him.

    Now I know cats are not everyones cup of tea - but really!lol. Actually I am going to guilt trip you into liking mine - or at least feeling sorry for him - he hurt his tail last night. Suspect he may have broken it. Going to see how it looks tomorrow and if no better we'll be off to the vet for another expensive bill!!! he is so well mannered in the house but goes out at night and gets into all sorts of fights with neighbouring cats. Thing is - he's not terribly good at fighting and always seems to come off worse and need medical attention- should have got an ogre instead - might have been cheaper.

  3. oh your Chilz is phantastic, nice smile (-;

  4. Personally I think Chilz is cuter! The way you feel about cats is how I feel about ogres (and gargoyles! They creep me out!) LOL
    (and great job on the danelions!)


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