Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 26

It's my birthday today, & I'm not keeping my age a secret ;) I'm not ashamed ;)

I am proud of who I have become over the years. That's not something I say lightly, not something I say easily, but it needed to be said. It's been one hell of a trip so far, but I think I'm getting closer to being who my inner 3-yr-old wanted to be when she grew up :)

This past year, including our move (in fact, the actual moving started on my BD last year!), has been the best year in a really long time :)

Today, I'm grateful for my beautiful 'old' friends, and for the lovely & amazing new friends I've met since I turned 37 :) I'm grateful for the fact that I finally feel like I've got something to offer and to share. I'm grateful that those who knew me 'when', stuck with me through a whole lot of anguish and crap.

Here's to friendship. I feel a lot stronger for knowing my friends, for finally living geographically closer to them. I always knew it would be beautiful - & I've felt SO incredibly alone without, living away from the people I knew, hardly knowing my neighbours for the previous 11 years! This is the first year I'm actually feeling in my bones what it means to have friends! I'll be celebrating you with food today, people, lots of food & cake :D


  1. Dear Yvonne, Happy Birthday!!!! Great to hear that you are becoming the person who you want to be. I hope you have a fantastic celebration and best wishes for the future! Wini xo

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day!

  3. happy birthday tooo youuu..
    happy birthday tooo youuuuu..
    happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Yvonneeeee....
    all flowers of Istanbul goes to Yvonne.. :)

  4. happy happy birthday, yvonne! i hope that this new year is even better than the last!

  5. Happy Birthday, Yvonne,
    and thank you for this beautiful collection of thoughts!
    May the coming year be at least as good as the past one and may you feel you have arrived at the place in which to thrive, surrounded by everything you ever dreamed of.

  6. Have just been catching up with your blog. Happy Birthday for yesterday! You sound like you're in a good place and I'm really happy for you. Here's to another great year with friends old and new.xx

  7. yay Happy Birthday Yvonne!!!!!!!..
    cheers to a wonderful, magical, enriching, fulfilling year ahead!!

    you're out of the tunnel.. full steam ahead !!!!

    Love , Helen xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. With a little delay, but I wish you all the best, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Yvonne!

  9. happy b-day! (: love the way u draw

  10. Oh wow this is a great post...where did you live before? I know you have lived in Ireland, but that was longer ago, wasn´t it? I am sure your birthday party was great! The invitation is beautiful! And honest (-; I am also born 1973.


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