Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 21

Oh my gosh! Proud for persevering far outside my comfortzone! I don't do faces! Let alone large, center piece faces! You can see why ;) But this happened, and I stuck with it. And as if that's not enough, I'm publishing it, here. Sorry folks ;)

Today's gratitude is for regaining my footing after weeks of being lost, somewhere... I'm not all there, quite yet, but I'm on my way ;) I'm grateful for being able to call myself again on something without freaking out, screeching 'FAILURE!!' This was a battle going on on the inside, mostly. Outward (outside) appearance; calm and composed, for the most part.

Yesterday I caught myself thinking vicious thoughts. About other people, and myself too, eventually. The kind of stuff that really doesn't help. And it's hard to shut up that voice, but I made a start. Drawing this helped. I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson this morning, and that helps too:

I could write my name at the age of three
and I don't need anyone to cut my meat for me
I'm a big girl now, see my big-girl-shoes
It'll take more than just a breeze to make me fall overboard...

That bit. Not the rest. Unless it's me, because I am always trying to catch myself. Hard work, that. But always rewarding, if I stand still long enough to feel grateful & thank myself ;)

Thank yourself today. For something! It really does feel good!


  1. Great post Yvonne! Stepping out of your comfort zone needs courage... and you did it!! Good for you! I love the face, the eyes and eyebrows DO look like she's thinking vicious thoughts!

    And thank you so much for all your comments on my blog!

  2. This post could be for me ! i love it, especially for your woman and your character of writings..they're so cheerfull and encouraging

  3. Ik ook n beetje uit mn comfort zone then? As of today, you CAN do faces !! :-) Love the face, the orange dots, the hair, and of course the font :-)

  4. Quite amazing that your "vicious thoughts" could turn into something wonderful. I say you CAN draw faces. This is full of expression and humor and perfectly illustrates your words! Congratulations on your continued courageousness!! :) xokp

  5. I agree with all here. It's a great face! And it does illustrate your words. Keep being brave!

  6. Oh Yvonne I so understand and agree. I have this thoughts, too much, too often. I compare myself to others and feel bad. My inner critic won´t let me in peace. I am envious about other people and i am way too cynic.
    This has to stop! Yay, let the sunshine in!

    The drawing of your face is gorgeous! You don´t have any excuses to not do faces, you are doing them already!

    Thank you once again for your visits and comments on my blog.

  7. Great post Yvonne.. you are an amazing example to people.. you are not afraid to explore your shadow side..and share your discoveries with the world.. very powerful. The face is wonderful.. and so is your lettering!

    I love that you are proving that we can heal ourselves.. just need some of Yvonnes's courage !
    XXX Helen

  8. I love reading what you post Yvonne. You writing is always from the heart. You really dont need to doubt yourself - in anyway! I love what you said about keeping all the turmoil and self doubt on the inside and looking calm and collected on the outside - I do it too, perhaps we all do and you know we've no need to. Whenever I have let my guard down and admitted that I am worried and doubting myself on the inside other people have always been so supportive - it's silly really isn't it?! Your blog is always so open and honest I just love reading it - you are inspiring. x


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