Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 7

True story... My mother gave my grandparents a cake set for their 12.5-year anniversary; 1 large cake platter and 12 plates, decorated with different fruit & leaf patterns. It must have been around 1960. The platter and 8 plates had survived years and years of good use, and I inherited those when my oma passed away.

I used them for the first time last Sunday, for my home-made birthday cake, and my mom was so happy to see them out and in use, in my house...

Sunday evening, when I tried to put the stack back in the cupboard, somehow, 7 out of 8 plates slid off onto the kitchen floortiles. And broke. They didn't just break really, they shattered. Leaving shards everywhere. I cried while we cleaned and threw them away. I still haven't told my mom. I know it's going to make her sad, too.

I drew this plate on Monday, for AEDM, day 7, while eating the last piece of chocolate cake. I was thinking about my grandmother, my oma. These plates have been the center of every cake-worthy celebration since before I was born. They were a symbol of family to me. With my grandmother in the middle of that small safe universe.

I am grateful to my grandmother, for showing me what family is all about. Lots of good stuff, all about warmth - especially when I was a little girl. And lots of wise stuff, about people. My grandmother always saw the best in people, except in herself. She passed away in March of this year, and I miss her.

Update: I just phoned my mom to tell her about the plates... Her response? "Well, I guess it was their time then. I was amazed that they lasted this long!" How's that for mindful wabi sabi wisdom? ;)

I had an idea. I have my birthday coming up soon, and I've asked my mom to come cake-plate-shopping with me. I'd love to find plates that will go with the large platter, and she's going to gift them to me for my BD. That way, I'll still sort of have grandma-mother-daughter plates that will hopefully last till it's time to bequeath them :)


  1. A happy ending story!
    I can imagine how sad you felt, but at the end, I see it like your mom! It was just their time!
    You know? I saw here a shop where you can buy plain plates, dishes, cups, mugs,... then you paint them with a special material and give it to the shop, they cook the dishes in an oven and ! ready to use! Maybe you can paint some plates in the style of the shatered ones. Just an idea!

  2. awww... ..that was a shame ..but so glad your mama was chilled enough to be realistic .. thats right they are just stuff.. only designed to be around for a finite time! yay for your mama!!
    Great illo too I would love to bite into that choccie cake !!

  3. It was meant to be, so that you and your mom could shop for the next heirlooms! They're only things. But the memories will never shatter. (Great looking cake! I wish I had a piece!)

  4. what a beautiful story, thanks to the happy ending! And luckily, there's still one plate left...
    Beautiful illustration!


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