Friday, November 4, 2011


I finally got round to creating a spot for my witch to hang out!
I went leaf-hunting two weeks ago, spending a couple of awesome hours in the park with Squirt in the Autumn sun. Of course I didn't bring my camera... I wonder what life would be like without something to beat yourself around the ears with, but that's another blogpost ;)

I dried the leaves between tissue paper in a book, and got out my sewing machine yesterday - after the last drags of a stomach bug had left my system. I had wanted to finish these window buntings before Halloween, but didn't. I'm okay with that. Last night's yoga session was amazing, and I'm at peace with the world today ;)

I created them the same way as the one I made two years ago. There is a link (with permission) to a tutorial in that post, although needless to say, I only used the sewing method here :)

After finishing my buntings, there were a couple of leaves and bats left, so I decided to frame them:
I LOVE blue and orange together. Ever since the episode with baby smurf and too many carrots (click & scroll down a little through the post)... There is something so... energising and zesty about this combination :)

By the way, I'm sort of taking part in Art Every Day Month, hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas. But quietly. I probably won't be posting my efforts every day. And I'm okay with that, too. In fact, I'm really, really okay with that :) It means I'm finally reclaiming my power to say 'No!' to myself. Because I have way more ideas than time to accomplish them. And I really liberally ladle stress all over my plate when I have the feeling I committed, so I MUST... So there :) Look for the label 'AEDM 2011 on the QT' :)

I also love the November challenge Shannon came up with - Thirty Days of Giving Thanks. I had this awesome idea of combining the two and make a piece of art based on who or what I'm thanking that day :) Again, I'm saying 'No!' I'm not committing, as such. But I am joining this challenge, quietely, too. Basically, I'm going to do what I can when it feels right :) I'll label these '30DOT on the QT', surprisingly :)

How's all that for soul care, nurture & self-love?! MAN I make me proud ;)

P.S. reserving the right to change my mind - it's all part of being whimsical & colourful ;)


  1. You should be proud! It's okay to say no, even to yourself! I think we, as mothers, wives, employees, a.k.a. women, forget that it's okay to just say no sometimes! Take care of yourself or you won't be able to take care of anyone else!

  2. Yvonne you are rocking! it's okay to say no sometimes - after all it's your life and up to you to choose it's path. I Love those witch and bat hangings. Are they in your garden, they are wonderful. I have decided I am also doing Shannons Thirty Days of Giving Thanks - what a fab idea. I sent Stephanie a testimonial yesterday to thank her for changing my life - gushing I know - but true!
    Today I am going to say Thank you to you. "Thank you" Yvonne, for being a great (new) friend. You are so supportive, open and friendly! So lovely to know some more arty people. Have a great weekend!!

  3. What a great decision! It is so good to say 'No' when it's needed.
    And I love your witch, the bats and leafs. It must be real nice to have it hanging in front of the window. And wow, that blue and orange is a beautiful combination.
    I went over to that post with the smurf and too many carrots - that is HILARIOUS!
    I love your humourous way in text and image and I agree with Denise: You are very supportive, delightful, funny and open. I love your comments in my blog every time. So Yeah: thank you! And have a great weekend full of nurturing and self-care.

  4. The mobile looks AMAZING, Yvonne! The most beautiful (and tasteful) Halloween decoration I have seen in a while.

  5. I just LOVE your leaf and bat mobile!

  6. this turned out SO COOL. i love "leaf" art. my front tree is turning it's prime red so i must do something with those leaves.


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