Saturday, August 8, 2009

9 months

This last Thursday, the 6th of August, Baby Boy has been living in the Outside World for exactly - to the day - as long as he parasitised (in the best possible meaning of the word) inside of me! Another milestone in the lives of both of us!
He's still getting mamma-milk (only as a supplement to 'food-food', of course) and I am so proud of that, considering the effort we both put in to get it happening & happening right, that I just wanted to have that mentioned :-D
Baby Boy is beautiful & cute & growing (way too rapidly!) into himself; it's fun & amazing to watch...
& I'm well aware that this is a soppy post to the point of 'bring out the violins', but this is my blog, & I write what I want to ;-)

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  1. lol - en zo is dat!
    Ik moet ook even kwijt dat je labels me aan het lachen maken!
    Maar die kleine - steeds groter wordende - neef van me, daar moet ik toch ook even over zeggen dat hij inderdaad "beautiful & cute & growing (way too rapidly!)" is, en ook "fun & amazing to watch". Ik vond het zo leuk dat jullie hier zondag weer waren! En ik vind zowel jullie als BB zo leuk om te zien, jullie maken me blij! Ik kom gauw weer bij jullie buurten hoor!


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