Monday, August 17, 2009


On Wednesday the 12th of August, Baby Boy said his first word!
Well, he's been saying 'pappa', 'pappuh', 'pap' & pretty much any other form of the word's repetitive syllables. And he means his dad when saying it, too! He's been doing the same with 'mamma', but that doesn't necessarily mean 'me, the mamma wrapping the girl within', at all times. Ah, never mind - that day will come too :-) I am not upset about this. Much. No, but seriously, I'm not :-) As someone pointed out the other day, he sees me every day, the whole day long, pretty much, so he doesn't really need to speculate about me by 'name' ;-)
I was dying to find out what word, out of the millions available to us all, Baby Boy would choose as his first! Not that I really want him to grow up faster than he already does, but being a bit of a word-junkie myself, it is just one of these things I was looking forward to, a little more so than other developmental hurray-moments.
And there it was! His chosen word! It's 'schaap' (sheep), pronounced as 'aap', which incidentally means 'monkey' - I'm so proud :-D
The only thing left to hope for, is that 'sheep' will not substitute 'mamma', and that we, the parental units, will not henceforward be known as 'sheep & monkey', or 'schaap & aap'... ;-)

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