Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what I made

But I was going to show what I made when my sewing machine broke down & got fixed.
Because I said I would... Not because I'm particularly proud, nor because I want you to tell me I should be. Making things myself is not something I do a lot. Ah, I should say "I didn't do a lot of that", because I have only just re-invented being creative, a little, and I have at least the intention to do some more art-ish-tics - *no fixed time frame* ;-)
What I'm trying to say is, I don't have a lot of experience (unlike so many intimidatingly talented people out there! ), which doesn't quite mesh with being a perfectionist ;-) I find it very hard to be proud of something I made, especially when it's kind of cute - and definitely well-intentioned (always that!) - but not quite perfect...
Anyway, here are the pictures:

Baby Boy loves his store-bought heart-with-labels, and he loves to run his nails over the letters I appliqued on the covers of the wicker baskets a week ago, so I decided a combination of those two favourites might make a good baby gift for Man's second cousin's new baby (breathe! complicated compound sentence finished!).
But I imagined it a lot nicer than it turned out... And if there is one thing I find harder than to enjoy something my-own-hands-made, it's giving it away to someone I don't know that well really. Okay, face it, I find it hard to give away something I made myself even when I'm happy with the result, even to someone I know well. Because I think the recipient might think I'm too cheap to buy a gift... That they'll see the tag, which says 'handmade' (yes, the tag too...), and they'll say "that's a bit on the unnecessary side of things, honey, we can tell it's handmade just by looking at it"...
Suffice to finish with, I'm not sure this particular handmade heart will make it to that particular new-born. And that I'll keep practising. And that I really don't know why I posted this log, apart from the fact that I said I would!

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