Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday, Baby Boy had his first Brush with Nature - Up Close & Personal. He had grabbed hold of a huge monster that was taking a walk through the living room, insect-style (what was it doing there in the first place?!).
I was busy with the breast pump, BB not directly in my line of vision, and when he cried out, it was just after a bit of thunder outside, so I didn't immediately disentangle myself to see what was going on (bad mommy!). But when he cried again, I unplugged to see what the fuss was about. The Thing was stuck to his little hand, and it must have bitten him, or done something with its pincer-stinger-thingy! Bastard!
I checked BB's hands, and kept a close eye on him for the next few hours, but thankfully there seemed to be no ill effects... All the better since I couldn't find out what the Thing was, apart from it being an insect through basic determination. Here are the pictures, the building block measures 4.5 cm!

After its little scrap with Baby Boy, it found itself dead. & no, not by me - I'm too scared for my karma!
Four reasons why it wasn't Michael Jackson, even though it's dead:
  • I couldn't find it on the internet,
  • it was really BIG, relatively speaking,
  • it was actually black,
  • last but not least - apparently it didn't like children.

Do you know what this thing is? Please let me know, FFR!

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