Tuesday, August 4, 2009

all about nothing

... she is trying to wrestle the knive away from the movie star she fantasizes about - who is possibly invisible, probably imaginary - trying to stop him from killing himself because he thinks that might wake him from the coma he is apparently in, lying in a hospital in New Zealand. Still following? Next shot is her brother, seeing only her (and obviously not the suicidal idol), standing there like a desperate housewife wielding a knive into thin air, in the kitchen of her English suburban home... A scene from 'Bonkers', British dramatic comedy, if that's a genre.
I laughed so hard I nearly cried, and it's probably not even a case of "I guess you had to be there"! It's because I'm so tired, I could fall asleep onto the keyboard! Baby Boy keeping me up all hours as included in the copy of Baby's Rights he came with? No, can't even claim that for pity! It was little old me trying to deconstruct the secrets of Sleep. Okay, it was a little too warm in the bedroom last night, that too. But I was lying there, and every single time I started drifting off, my thoughts becoming more disintegrated, I was wondering "is this it? Am I falling asleep now?" - focussing my thoughts again, drifting right back up into consciousness again... That went on till around 01.30. I woke at 05.30 this morning - and that was it. Baby Boy needed attention at this unusual hour, so I got up and - sort of - stayed up. Till I just laughed my head off at something normally probably mildly amusing, signalling it's High Time to go find that bale of hay again and hope for better nights...

It's something like the fact that I have been thinking for the past two weeks I really need to cut my fingernails. And I still haven't. Because I keep on thinking it's a waste of precious time, clipping nails. It's like that. And also, it's something completely different...

Bed! ...bed...

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  1. Doosje dat je bent! :p
    Maar dat van die nagels snap ik (ook al heb ik dat dan met hele andere dingen dan nagels knippen). Hoewel alle gedachten eraan bij elkaar zeker 10 keer zoveel tijd hebben ingenomen als even die nagels knippen, toch niet doen he... Ben je soms familie van me?? ;)


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