Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have no moral objections against people having a sex life. Honestly, no problem with a little action between two consenting (almost-) adults whatsoever. But back when I was an au pair - which is longer ago than I care to put a price tag on! - I did have a bit of an issue with something I never mentioned to the people involved: the dear mom & dad in my guest family had their (monthly? weekly? don't remember - and be fair; should I?!) bit of fun with their door open, and loud enough for me, and who knows who else, to hear! Squirm! I never knew where to look at breakfast the next morning ;-)

Okay, you've got to be wondering where I'm going with this after all those years, right? Well... When Baby Boy does his newly mastered belly crawl, he sounds just like dear old Mrs K. on a roll in the marital hay! I kid you not! OMG, I swear he sounds exactly like her riding the horse to the finish line :-D

Oh, this is a terrible story - but it's too true & had to be told :-D
Now I don't have to fear that Mrs K. will ever come across this little piece of information, lost touch with the family years ago (although I can find assorted members on Facebook, and my-oh-my have they grown up!!). But if she would read this (or any of the au pairs moving in before and after me - I doubt she started all this when I was there, or that she stopped when I left, LOL), I'm telling you, she doesn't need to meet my beautiful Baby Boy - she would know exactly what the little tyke sounds like on his exploring missions around the house ;-)

P.S. to perverts! Don't even go there! This only clicked a week ago! Little old attic trapdoor in my brain, much like playing Trivial Pursuit; Mrs. K. has not been ringing in my ear ever since way back when!

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    Ik hoop dat dit voorlopig geheim blijft voor hem!!!


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